Reading Slumps and Where I’ve Been

reading-slumps-and-where-ive-beenTwo months ago school began again for me and every day since I’ve had a thousand and one things to do, so for a while I set aside blogging and I had also just entered into a reading slump.

Book slumps are THE WORST THINGS EVER, but we all go through them and when I do I find it’s best to set reading aside and focus on other things rather than trying to force myself to read. These past 2-3 months I’ve been in such a deep reading slump and have only manged to read 2 books…I’d like to say I’m out of it but I’m not, although I am getting there! (If you have any book suggestions to get me out of this horrid slump, please let me know!) Every time I’ve picked up a book these past couple of months, I just can’t enjoy it and I wasn’t in the mood to read so I just got on with other things.

During my reading slump I have fallen behind on my goodreads goal but only by 4 books so I’m hoping I’ll get caught up again! Also, without reading I didn’t have any motivation to blog and decided to take break for a while, however I am currently on my half term break so I’m going to try and read lots and prewrite some posts…you know, just everything I’ve been missing!

I also took a break from bookstagram just because I had no motivation or time to take photos and I thought taking a break would be the perfect way to stimulate some creative energy and to be able to come back inspired!

So that’s where I’ve been these past couple of months and now I’m trying to balance school and reading and everything so that I don’t leave for that long again without any notice. How have you been these past couple of months? Read any good books? I’d love to know!


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